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Family Law


Custody, Access and Maintenance

Division of matrimonial assets and property

Spousal Maintenance

The breakdown of the family and dissolution of a marriage are life changing circumstances. Going through a divorce and ancillary matters thereto including custody; access and support; spousal maintenance; division of personal property and real property including the matrimonial property are usually tough and emotionally draining for all persons involved. At HT our attorneys are not only skilled and experienced in divorce law but also compassionate and committed to working with you through this difficult period.


Adoption is the creation of a parent-child relationship by law between persons who are not in fact parent and child. Adoption creates a parent-child relationship between the adopted child and the adopted parent(s) with all the rights, responsibilities and privileges that attach to the relationship.

A person or couple may choose adoption for various reasons but whatever the reason at HT we are versed in adoption and are here to make the process less overwhelming for the parties involved.

Upon the finalizing of the adoption process the legal relationship between the adopted child and the adopted parent(s) is identical to the legal relationship between the parent and the biological child.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is emotionally, psychologically and physically challenging for any person, man or woman to channel through. The law is there to bring relief and protection to you. Our attorneys are versed and competent in domestic violence matters and are here to help you.

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